Southwestern D6 Family Ministry Journal (Vol. 6)



The Southwestern D6 Family Ministry Journal Vol. 6 is a peer-reviewed journal that brings a comprehensive approach to the family ministry conversation by reminding ministry leaders of the various audiences present in the church community. The articles found within bring attention to family ministry and key elements of pastoral duties in connection to discipleship in the home. This journal aggregates content submitted by scholars from various universities, seminaries, and ministry organizations as well as relevant book reviews. An added bonus is practitioner insights in shorter, non-peer-reviewed submissions.

Ron Hunter Jr., Ph.D., is the executive editor, Danny Conn, Ed.D., is the general editor, Jonathan Williams, Ph.D., is managing editor, Chris Talbot is the assistant managing editor. Contributing writers: Megan Arledge, R. Bryan Barrineau, Ed.D., Parker Goforth, D.Ed.Min., Chris Harper, D.Min., Matt McCauley, D.Ed.Min., Jonathan Okinaga, Ph.D., Ben Phillips, D.Min., Blair D. Robinson, D.Min., Kyle Taft, Ph.D., W. Jackson Watts, Ph.D.


Technology-Mediated Family Ministry: An Exploration of a Current Phenomenon
by R. Bryan Barrineau, Ed.D.

Infertility: A Crucial, Overlooked Challenge for D6 Churches
by W. Jackson Watts, Ph.D.

Engaging Biblical Truth for Mental Health Recovery: A Focus on Families With Substance Abuse Struggles
by Jonathan Okinaga, Ph.D.

Research With an Emphasis on Family Discipleship

The Impact of Small Group Family Discipleship on Family Discipleship in the Home
by Matt McCauley, D.Ed.Min.

The Family Discipleship Mandate for Fathers
by Chris Harper, D.Min.

A Dad Like Job: The Character of Job as an Exemplar Father
by Kyle M. Taft, Ph.D.

The Benefits of Family Worship
by Parker Goforth, D.Ed.Min.

Martin Luther: Parental Responsibility in Children’s Biblical Education
by Megan Arledge, M.Div.


Practitioner Insights

Family Discipleship and Bible Reading Rhythms
by Ben Phillips, D.Min.

Providing Oversight to Household Leaders
by Blair D. Robinson, D.Min.


Book Reviews

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