The Benefits of Family Worship

by Parker Goforth, D.Ed.Min.

Southwestern D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 6)





Abstract: This article seeks to highlight some of the many benefits of practicing family worship. Regularly participating in reading, praying, and singing the Bible as a household is beneficial for glorifying God, growth in piety, growth in holiness, growth in biblical knowledge, strengthening parents, pursuing generational faith, openness and unity, intellect, preparation for suffering, evangelistic opportunity, the good of the community, and the good of the local church. Altogether, this article aims to display how advantageous family worship is with the hope of encouraging families to make every effort to bring this discipline into their homes.

Parker Goforth, D.Ed.Min., is a follower of Christ, husband to Anna-Kate, father of Eden Grace, and currently serves as the minister of families, youth, and residency at Eagle Heights Baptist Church in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He received a BA in Communications from Oklahoma Baptist University and both an M.Div. in Christian Ministry and D.Ed.Min. in Applied Theology from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.