The Family Discipleship Mandate for Fathers

by Chris Harper, D.Min.

Southwestern D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 6)





Abstract: Fathers have a biblical mandate to disciple their children. Faithfulness in this area has waxed and waned throughout history, and with each generation,
the health of the church is either greatly blessed by obedient fathers spiritually leading their families or greatly harmed by fathers abdicating this God-given role. Our current state of the church and recent research both demonstrate the urgency for Christian fathers to return to God’s design, the ancient paths, and disciple their households as a priest in the home.

Chris Harper, D.Min., is a speaker, writer, and disciplemaker serving as the CEO of BetterMan. Equipping more than 3,000 churches and 400,000 men, BetterMan is helping men win. Harper is passionate about biblical manhood, and often speaks on topics such as a man’s identity in Christ and the importance of being a gospel-centered husband and father. He received his Master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and his Doctorate from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Chris and his wife, Ally, live with their four children—Scarlett, Malachi, Calvin, and Oliver—in Arlington, Texas.