Technology-Mediated Family Ministry

An Exploration of a Current Phenomenon
by R. Bryan Barrineau, Ed.D.

Southwestern D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 6)





Abstract: The information age is here and has required churches to contemplate integrating technology into everyday ministry. The broad phenomenon of churches using technology to mediate spiritually formative messages is the current reality in which the church finds itself. Recent research has shown that while many churches effectively utilize technological elements to engage in ministry, many are still searching for effective ways to engage with families using technology. By wisely utilizing digital technology, local church family ministries can reach and resource parents as the primary disciplemakers in their homes to help raise a new generation that follows Christ.

R. Bryan Barrineau, Ed.D., currently serves as the lead student pastor at First Baptist, Enterprise, Alabama. He has served for over 20 years in vocational student ministry at churches in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama, and is a contributor for Youth Pastor Theologian and Youth Ministry Round Table.