D6 Family Ministry Journal (Vol. 4)



The D6 Family Ministry Journal Vol. 4 is a peer-reviewed journal that brings a comprehensive approach to the family ministry conversation by reminding ministry leaders of the various audiences present in the church community. The articles found within bring attention to family ministry and key elements of pastoral duties in connection to discipleship in the home. This journal aggregates content submitted by scholars from various universities, seminaries, and ministry organizations as well as relevant book reviews. Ad added bonus is practitioner insights in shorter, non-peer reviewed submissions.

This volume focuses on the spiritual formation of teenagers. Key components discussed include the role of the parents in the discipleship of the family, ministry elements that can contribute to diverse discipling relationships, the use and influence of social media in local church ministry, and much more. Book reviews focus on youth ministry resources, family ministry resources, and reading material for parents.

Ron Hunter Jr., the executive editor, is the CEO of Randall House and is co-founder and director of the D6 Conference. Michelle Orr is general editor, Dr. Ken Coley is managing editor, Chris Talbot is the assistant managing editor, who leads the team of contributing writers: Matthew Bracey, Sam Totman, Scott Pace, Timothy Paul Jones, Jonathan Hayashi, Joel Harder, Shuling Peng, Ruth Chang, Lisa Howard, Jason Engle, Matt Hart, Jason Mitchell, Irene Cheung, Jonathan LeMaster-Smith, and Mark Agnor.


Family-as-Church, Church-as-Family: Toward a More Comprehensive Definition of Family Ministry
by Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

The Institutional Good of Marriage, the Family, and Society
by Dr. Matthew Steven Bracey

Issues Faced by Chinese Families: Church Leaders’ Perceptions and Practices of Family Ministry
by Dr. Shuling Peng and Dr. Ruth Chang

Understanding and Supporting Parents of Children With Autism in Coping
With Stressors Related to the Diagnostic Process

by Dr. Irene Cheung

Research with an Emphasis on Spiritual Formation of Teenagers

Parental Involvement Factors Promoting Adolescent Faith Formation
by Lisa Howard

Analyzing Three Common Family Ministry Models From a Missional Perspective
by Dr. Jason Mitchell

Movement and Modifications of Family Ministry
by James Matthew Hart

Preparedness and Self-Efficacy Perceptions in Integrating Technology Into Youth Ministry
by Dr. Sam Totman

Consider the Ditch Lilies: Erosion Control and Rural Teen Spiritual Formation
by Dr. Jonathan LeMaster-Smith

Living the Christian Faith After Youth Ministry: Disciple-Making
for Spiritual Formation in Emerging Adults

by Dr. Joel Harder

Technology and Social Media Use Among SBC Youth Ministries and
Its Perceived Impact on Community and Discipleship

by Dr. Mark Agnor


Practitioner Insights

The #1 Danger in Student Discipleship: When the Essential Becomes Optional
by Dr. Scott Pace

The Importance of Immersing Students in the Story of God: Worldview
that Leads to Authentic Christian Living

by Jason Engle

Biblical Counseling
by Jonathan Hayashi


Book Reviews

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