Family-as-Church, Church-as-Family: Toward a More Comprehensive Definition of Family Ministry

by Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 4)





A lecture delivered at the House Conference, Port Hacking, New South Wales, Australia

In 2009, I developed a definition of “family ministry.” A few years later, I recognized that my definition was inadequate and incomplete. This paper serves, in some sense, as a retractatio of that original definition—not in the sense of a “retraction” or “rejection” but in the sense that Augustine of Hippo used the term in Retractationes, a “re-treatment” in light of later reflection.

Timothy Paul Jones (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is associate vice presidente and C. Edwin Gheens Professor of Christian Family Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author or editor of more than a dozen books and serves as one of the teaching pastors at the Midtown congregation of Sojourn Community Church.