Parental Involvement Factors Promoting Adolescent Faith Formation

by Lisa Howard

D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 4)





Abstract: This research explored the broad knowledge base and multidimensional aspect of adolescent faith formation and parental involvement factors promoting faith formation available in literature. Parent, grandparent, and peer relationships, along with parental warmth, authoritative parenting style, role modeling, conversations, and rituals were found to promote adolescent faith formation. By understanding adolescent development and discovering some factors that transmit religious values, beliefs, and practices, thus promoting adolescent faith formation, we can better understand social changes and moral influences affecting the family. In doing so, it is possible to assist parents and Christian ministers to instill Christian beliefs in the next generation.

Lisa Howard is a life-long educator, having taught elementary and secondary in private and public schools for over three decades. She is currently serving as youth pastor at First Assembly of God in Jefferson City, MO and will receive her PhD in May, 2019.