Issues Faced by Chinese Families: Church Leaders’ Perceptions and Practices of Family Ministry

by Dr. Shuling Peng and Dr. Ruth Chang

D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 4)





Abstract: This pioneering qualitative study investigated the perceptions and practices of family ministry among church leaders who served in Chinese churches. Forty interviews were conducted with 52 participants (28 individuals and 12 couples), who represented 39 churches from several areas around the world. This study investigates leaders serving in churches in mainland China, Taiwan, and churches abroad that attract Chinese immigrants. The methodology examines the issues and challenges encountered by Chinese families in their respective contexts, and the perceptions and practices of family ministry developed by the interviewees. The study notes implications for family ministry practice in Chinese populations.

Dr. Shuling Peng is an Assistant Professor in Family Ministry and Director of MAFM Program of Logos Evangelical Seminary in El Monte, CA. She teaches Family System Dynamics, Parental Education and Guidance, and Family-based Ministries in the M.A. program; and Family Ministries in Chinese churches in the D.Min. program.

Dr. Ruth C. Chang is a psychologist serving as an associate staff of the Narramore Christian Foundation based in Southern California. Her main activities are speaking and conducting training programs in the areas of marriage and family and providing pre-field assessments, consulting, and counseling services for missionaries.