Analyzing Three Common Family Ministry Models From a Missional Perspective

by Dr. Jason Mitchell

D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 4)





Abstract: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the family-based model, the family-equipping model, and the family-integrated model as they relate to missional theology and practice? This research article includes a quantitative analysis of a 2015 survey of experienced Southern Baptist practitioners living in major metro areas in the United States regarding missional compatibility.

The missional compatibility survey was formed based upon Stetzer’s (2006) concept of missional as articulated in Planting Missional Churches and completed by practitioners of one of the three major family ministry models described by Jones (2009) in Perspectives on Family Ministry. Some results were encouraging, but weaknesses regarding connections with community organizations and the present mission of God for young people reveal areas for significant missional improvement.

Dr. Jason Mitchell is Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church of Springfield, VA and an adjunct professor with Liberty University Online. He earned his PhD from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary with research on missional family ministry models.