D6 Family Ministry Journal (Vol. 3)



The D6 Family Ministry Journal Vol. 3 is a peer-reviewed journal that brings a comprehensive approach to the family ministry conversation by reminding ministry leaders of the various audiences present in the church community. The articles found with bring attention to family ministry and various elements of pastoral duties in connection to discipleship in the home. This journal aggregates content submitted by scholars from various universities, seminaries, and ministry organizations, as well as book reviews. An added bonus is practitioner insights in shorter, non-peer reviewed submissions.

This volume focuses on walking alongside and understanding families with challenges. Articles address autism in the Church, being an effective pastor to the disabled, special needs ministry, ministering to children living in poverty, serving single parents, ministering to the fatherless, and the impact grandparents have on the spiritual development of children. Book reviews include The Self-Aware Leader by Terry Linhart and Remodeling Youth Ministry by Christopher Talbot.

Ron Hunter Jr., the executive editor, is the CEO of Randall House and is co-founder and director of the D6 Conference. Michelle Orr is general editor, Dr. Ken Coley is managing editor, Chris Talbot is the assistant managing editor, who lead the team of contributing writers: Dr. John Turner, Dr. Chris Hulshof, Dr. Brian Haack, Dr. Yvana Uranga-Hernandez, Dr. Dave Kruse, Dr. Dena Moten, Kevin Clark Jones, Dr. Susan Willhauck, and Dr. Jody Dean.


Examining Deuteronomy 6 Through the Lens of 21st Century Educational Concepts
by Dr. Kenneth S. Coley & Dr. John William Turner, Jr.

Accessible Gospel and the Inclusive Leader: The Good Shepherd Discourse
and the Disability-Effective Pastor

by Dr. Chris Hulshof

Implicit Attitudes and Their Affect on Autism in the Church
by Dr. Brian Haack

Autism and The Church: A Case Study of the Experiences
of Four Children with Autism in Evangelical Churches

by Dr. Yvana Uranga-Hernandez

Special Needs Ministry Starts by Discovering the Needs of a Special Needs Family
by Dr. David B. Kruse

The Church’s Role in Educating Children Living in Poverty
by Dr. Dena Moss Moten

Walking Alongside Single Parents in the Church
by Dr. Kevin Clark Jones


Practitioner Insights

Your Children’s Children: The Impact of Grandparents and
Extended Family on Children’s Spiritual Development

by Dr. Susan Willhauck

by Dr. Jody Dean


Book Reviews

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