by Dr. Jody Dean

D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 3)





The weight of the word “fatherless” just captures the mind to weigh the depths of being without a father in society where the father is a major aspect of your natural development. What is my heritage from my father? Fatherless to the extent no Father’s Day cards are created as a child, no birthday or Christmas gifts made or purchased, no advice about dating, no college or career advice in high school, and that key male figure God intended to help shape a child into a person that follows after God is not there. The father’s exhortation is highlighted in Scripture as a common occurrence. The fatherless child does have the Christian father option to encourage their spiritual formation, a void that has to be filled by the mother but also Christian men that can mentor the child.

Jody Dean, Ph.D., leads the extension center program at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He has a book being released Spring 2018 entitled: Together We Equip: Integrating Discipleship and Ministry Leadership for Holistic Spiritual Formation.