Examining Deuteronomy 6 Through the Lens of 21st Century Educational Concepts

by Dr. Kenneth S. Coley & Dr. John William Turner, Jr.

D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 3)



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Abstract: The truths found in Deuteronomy 6 are both eternal and practical in their application to discipling the next generation—as true now as in the day they were spoken by Moses. The two authors of this research article, one a lifelong educator and one a biblical scholar, revisit the biblical text and introduce current pedagogical insights and trends that resonate with the powerful concepts embedded in verses 4-9. Educational concepts presented in the article include connecting with the learner’s schema; active learning techniques; practice that is spaced, varied, and interleaved; and cognitive and educational research findings that point to effective teaching strategies. Implications for parenting, discipling, and leading church ministries are presented.

Kenneth S. Coley, Ed.D. leads the Doctor of Education Program at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina. His most recent book is Teaching for Change (2017), published by Randall House.

John William Turner, Jr., D.Min., is Executive Director of Father’s House Educational Foundation in Glen Rose, Texas and Family Ministry Coordinator of the National Association of University-Model® Schools in Midlothian, Texas. His most recent book is Character Driven College Preparation: The Mission and Method of the University-Model® School (2017) published by NAUMS, Inc.