Walking Alongside Single Parents in the Church

by Dr. Kevin Clark Jones

D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 3)





Single mothers are likely attending every one of our churches. Many are barely treading the waters of financial stability but are too embarrassed to ask for help. Meanwhile, single fathers feel inadequate to raise their children but feel asking for help would show a weakness they are unwilling to share. James 1:27 commands God’s people to care for the orphan and widow, echoing at least seven Old Testament passages reflecting the same sentiment. Scholarly commentators contend this includes children and parents who have been effectively orphaned and widowed by divorce. This article will show that churches must intentionally minister to single parents in relevant and practical ways.

Kevin Clark Jones is the Family Pastor at Fox Hill Road Baptist Church in Hampton, Virginia. He received his D.Ed.Min. in Family Ministry from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in December 2017.