Accessible Gospel and the Inclusive Leader: The Good Shepherd Discourse and the Disability-Effective Pastor

by Dr. Chris Hulshof

D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 3)





It is too commonplace for Christians who suffer from impairment to find themselves marginalized within the church. This reality runs counter to the inclination and design of God. Sadly, church leaders have been ill-prepared for a ministry that is cognizant of those with disabilities who are part of their congregation. This problematic oversight creates an ecclesiastical climate where leaders must self-educate on disabilities, disability ministry, and disability-effective leadership.

Dr. Chris Hulshof is an Associate Professor and Department Chair for Liberty University’s School of Divinity. His teaching responsibilities include courses in Old Testament Survey, Inductive Bible Study, as well as a Theology of Suffering and Disability. Dr. Hulshof earned an Ed.D. from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary where his research was at the intersection of Disabilities, Theology, and Church Ministry. Catch Chris on twitter @US_EH.