Surviving Culture Parent Edition

When Character and Your World Collide

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Young people today are faced with many challenges that attempt to lure them away from the truth of Scripture and their foundation of faith. Dr. Moody shares strong advice with parents on the need to prepare young people to make wise decisions while navigating the culture of today. He supports his points with relevant facts and current statistics. He also shows how the culture Daniel faced in Old Testament times correlates with some of the same trials teens face today. Daniel and his companions faced unbelievable pressure to compromise their faith while living in a corrupt culture. They not only survived but thrived and had a real impact on the world around them.  Dr. Moody shares how young people today can do the same and how parents can guide teens along the way.

Edward E. Moody has been a counselor educator at North Carolina Central University since 1995. He is a Professor of Counselor Education, and Chair of the Department of Allied Professions. Moody also serves as pastor at Tippett’s Chapel in Clayton, NC. As a minister he has helped people with a variety of difficulties, and as a psychological consultant he has counseled troubled youth. He has a Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in counselor education, an M.A. from Middle Tennessee State University in clinical psychology, and a B.A. from Welch College in pastoral training. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in NC as well as a Licensed Health Services Provider-Psychological Associate. He is the author of First Aid for Emotional Hurts – Helping People Through Difficult Times as well as the First Aid for Your Health series. Dr. Moody has also published several articles in scholastic journals and serves as a workshop leader for various events within the Christian community and counseling community. He and his wife, Lynne, live in North Carolina, along with their two children.

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