Ministering in a Changing Sexual Landscape

A Guide to Helping Those with Sexual Issues

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The world is changing the way it views sexual issues at a rapid pace, and those who minister to people need to be prepared. Perhaps no problem is more ostracizing and difficult to deal with as those of a sexual nature. In this book, Dr. Moody shares about the nature, process, and impact of sexual sin by examining biblical examples. He reminds readers that there are answers and a way out of sexual sin. Moody directs readers to take a look at what the Bible says about these issues and gives effective counsel to help others. He believes it is vital that readers understand the current landscape and are prepared to reach out to those who are struggling.

Edward E. Moody is a pastor, professor, and a parent.  He is the author of Surviving Culture, Surviving Culture Parent Edition, First Aid for Emotional Hurts, and the First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts booklet series.

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