Preschool Teaching Essentials

Ages 2-5




Preschool Teaching Essentials provide the resources needed to most effectively teach two-to five-year-olds. Each teaching essentials kit includes one Preschool Teaching Guide, teaching pictures and posters, reproducible sheets, application verse posters, and attendance posters. Preschool Teaching Essentials also include the reproducible Take ‘n Talk sheets, a weekly link between class and home. These reproducible sheets are designed to reinforce weekly lessons and themes through the use of age-appropriate activities that can be used in the class and home. One side offers a worksheet activity related to the lesson and Heartprint. The second side includes the Heartprint, Scripture text, a summary of that week’s lesson, two ideas for parents to use during the week to reinforce the lesson, the song the child learned and sang in class related to the lesson, and a suggested idea for what to pray with your child as a response to the lesson. It is available in your choice of translations (for the application verse posters) – KJV, ESV, NKJV, and NIV.

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