Parent Checkup

Seeing Through the Eyes of Your Teenager


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Dr. Ross understands parents of teens want to maintain a healthy relationship during this phase of life, but it is difficult. This full color pamphlet contains six panels of insightful questions for parents to evaluate their parent/teen relationship honestly. The thirty-one questions address three key areas: relationships, faith, and spiritual leadership. The ultimate goal is to give parents a deeper understanding of how their teens view the relationship. With the knowledge obtained, they can build a stronger connection leading to discipleship and continued growth in the family.

Richard Ross, Ph.D., is husband to LaJuana, who has joined him in a lifetime of loving teenagers and their families. They are parents of college student Clayton. Richard served as youth minister for thirty years and now is professor to the next generation of youth ministers and family ministers at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth. Since its inception, Richard has served as the spokesperson for the international True Love Waits movement. Since 2000, Richard has spoken to over 400 conventions, conferences, and churches—usually addressing issues related to parents and families. Richard has written/compiled over 20 books, including Parenting With Kingdom Purpose and 30 Days: Turning the Hearts of Parents and Teenagers Toward Each Other.

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