Family, Love, and Duty in Narnia

by Dr. John F. McCard

D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 2)





Those who love The Chronicles of Narnia usually encounter the stories in three distinct ways. First, we hear or read the stories as children reveling in the adventure, wishing we were in Narnia but sometimes missing the Christian subtext. Second as we grow older, adults will often return to the stories and what themes may have once been seen through a glass darkly are now more clearly appreciated as C. S. Lewis’ moral vision comes into focus. Finally, as parents, we return to the stories and hope that the virtues of love, courage, and duty will be imparted to our own children as they hear of the great lion, Aslan, and the children; Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Edmund for the first time.

Yet there is no denying that to ponder the lessons of the stories, they must be seen in the context of the Christian Gospels’ own reflections on the duties and obligations of family.

Dr. John F. McCard is the Rector of St. Martin in the Fields Church in Atlanta. He holds a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Virginia Theological Seminary. Fr. John has taught classes and led workshops on C. S. Lewis at various churches and seminaries throughout the country.