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Gracia, Fe & Libre Albedrio

Un Contraste de los Puntos de Vista Soteriológicos Entre el Calvinismo y el Arminianismo

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Gracia, Fe & Libre Albedrio

This is the Spanish translation of Grace, Faith, Free Will. It was translated by Ron Callaway with editorial assistance from José Rodriguez. In this work, Picirilli renews the discussion of issues that have divided Calvinism and Arminianism since the Reformation. Jacobus Arminius, a Dutch theologian of the 16th century, contested the dominant theological ideas advanced by the well-known Protestant reformer John Calvin and his disciples. Historically, Arminius has been frequently misunderstood and often reinterpreted by friend and foe alike.

Robert E. Picirilli completed his degrees at Welch College (B.A.) and Bob Jones University (M.A., Ph.D.) and spent his career teaching and in academic administration at Welch, specializing in the Greek New Testament. He has authored or co-authored books published by Moody Press, Thomas Nelson, and Randall House. Such works include Teacher, Leader, Shepherd and Discipleship. He has also written several articles published in theological journals and serves as the General Editor for the Randall House Bible Commentary Series. Dr. Picirilli also served as president of the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges and moderator of the National Association of Free Will Baptists.