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D6 Family Ministry Journal (Vol. 1)


D6 Family Ministry Journal (Vol. 1)

The resurgence of Deuteronomy 6 has caused educators and ministry leaders to reevaluate how the church ministers to the home. The D6 Family Journal brings a comprehensive approach to family ministry and suggests that discipleship does not isolate generations or locations. The articles found within bring attention to parental involvement, working across age-specific ministries, and recognizing that every generation matters. This journal aggregates content submitted by scholars from various universities, seminaries, and ministry organizations, as well as book reviews. An added bonus is practitioner insights in shorter, non-peer reviewed submissions.

Vol. 1 topics include: the cultural shift and how to navigate the changing sexual landscape from a biblical perceptive, the church facing an aging congregation while trying to follow a family ministry strategy, and how to deal with youthful rebellion and valuing the elder authority. Writers tackle these topics and several others in scholarly fashion but practically where the church is ministering today. Books reviewed include The DNA of D6: Building Blocks of Generational Discipleship, Adoptive Youth Ministry: Integrating Emerging Generations into the Family of Faith, and Building Your Volunteer Team: A 30-Day Change Project for Youth Ministry.

Ron Hunter Jr., the executive editor, is CEO of Randall House and is co-founder and director of the D6 Conference. Michelle Orr is general editor, Charles Cook is managing editor, who lead the team of contributing writers: Edward E. Moody Jr., Amanda Cooley, Ron Hunter Jr., Brian S. McKinney, Sudi Bliebe, Steven R. Entsminger, Mike Parrot, Steve Vandegriff, Daniel Webster, Christopher Talbot, Leneita Fix, and Adam Clagg.

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