Toy Box Leadership

Leadership Lessons from the Toys You Loved as a Child



Reach back into your childhood and recapture the leadership principles you learned from your favorite toys.

What can LEGOS teach you about building your business through connection? How can Slinky Dog demonstrate the value of patience when you’re growing your organization? What has every little boy learned from his Little Green Army Men that he can use in business strategy? Whether you are an executive, a manager, or a parent, in Toy Box Leadership you will find the toy box a great place for lessons to successfully influence and lead others.

Ron Hunter Jr., Ph.D, is the Executive Director and CEO of Randall House, the publisher of D6 Curriculum, and serves as the D6 Conference Director. He regularly speaks at various conferences and consults for both ministry and business organizations. Ron has written over 50 articles for various magazines. He co-authored Toy Box Leadership, and contributed to Youth Ministry in the 21st Century – 5 Views. He is a graduate of Welch College and earned his MPA from the University of Colorado. He earned his Ph.D from the Gary Cook School of Leadership at Dallas Baptist University. He married his college sweetheart, Pamela, and they have two kids in college: Michael and Lauren.

Michael E. Waddell has years of experience as a minister, educator, motivational speaker and communication consultant. Michael has a Masters degree in Communications. He currently serves as the chairman of the board of directors of Randall House Publications, and his committee placement allows him to impact thousands of young people every year in matters that affect their leadership and spiritual development. Michael and his wife, Marianne, are the proud parents of three boys: Malone, Mack, and Manning.