The Submissive Christian

Humility and Meekness in Five Key Relationships

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This book provides a thorough analysis of the biblical material on submissiveness in five key relationships where submissiveness is of targeted importance.

DR. ROBERT PICIRILLI is an author, retired college professor, and historian for the Free Will Baptist denomination. He completed his degrees at Welch College (B.A.) and Bob Jones University (M.A., Ph.D.) and spent his career teaching and in academic administration at Welch, specializing in the Greek New Testament. He has authored or co-authored numerous books including Grace, Faith, Free Will; Discipleship: The Expression of Saving Faith; Teacher, Leader, Shepherd; How We Get Our English Bible, and Readings in Proverbs: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Age. He has also written several articles published in theological journals and served as the general editor and frequent author for the Randall House Bible Commentary series. Dr. Picirilli lives in Nashville, Tennessee.