The Faith of Our Children

Eight Timely Research Insights for Discipling the Next Generation



This book provides children’s ministry leaders and parents with insights necessary to build effective child discipleship around the primary areas that form lifelong faith. Data and discussion informs leaders about the systems and shifts that can help cultivate faith that lasts.

Readers will enjoy the book’s casual voice as well as the metaphors, rational logic, and practical exercises included. Short, easy-to-read chapters provide space for reflection.

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Matt Markins serves as the president and CEO of Awana, a global leader in child discipleship. As a leading researcher in child discipleship and children’s ministry, Matt has commissioned eleven research projects since 2013, including a study conducted by Barna Group called, “Children’s Ministry in a New Reality.” He is a board member at large for the National Association of Evangelicals and is the co-author of four books, most notably Resilient: Child Discipleship and the Fearless Future of the Church. He is also the co-founder of the Child Discipleship Forum and D6 Conference. Matt and his wife Katie have been involved in children’s ministry for more than 25 years and spend their time in Nashville with their two sons.