Relentless Hope

Extracting the Precious from the Worthless


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Author: Beth Guckenberger

“There are far more sticky situations in my day than miraculous moments. I want to hear and see and experience challenges, difficulties, and setbacks and not immediately focus on the failure. Rather, I want to train my eyes to ‘extract the precious’ (Jeremiah 15:19, NASB)—the precious promises, truths, and intimacy God has written into the seemingly worthless pain, setbacks, and suffering we endure.” Beth’s compelling stories—interwoven with the wisdom of Scripture—will resonate with anyone seeking to find purpose in the midst of pain. Though people may feel confused, lost, or abandoned, there is hope. God is writing the story of our lives, and the story’s not over yet. This story-driven book:

  • Delivers honest testimonies from unique voices whose stories are living and real—they don’t all have “happy endings,” but they all carry truth and hope.
  • Speaks to orphaned souls and those who have just felt that way: parents agonizing over prodigal children, addicts, people enduring physical, mental, or spiritual suffering, and people of all types who have lost something—parents, spouses, family, jobs, innocence, a chance…their way.
  • Brings up challenging questions and sticky situations that we are often afraid to face.
  • Offers useful and meaningful messages for the individual reader, pastors, families, church leaders, and small groups.

Is written by a compelling, dynamic storyteller who lives on the edge and exemplifies with integrity what it means to trust God in the midst of a myriad of challenges.