Reimagining Biblical Worldview Education

by Dr. Rebecca Aniol

Southwestern D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 5)





Abstract: Since the 1970s, Christian textbook companies have committed to biblical worldview—information aligned with biblical presuppositions. However, theological and historical scholarship over the last twenty years has emphasized that the term worldview more rightly relates to heart-orientation through the imagination, specifically linguistic imagery, not simply philosophical presuppositions. Thus, the evaluation of whether Christian textbooks present biblical worldview should be based not merely on the degree to which their informational content aligns with biblical presuppositions but on the degree to which that information orients the heart through linguistic imagery. The article concludes with three levels of imaginative language for evaluating textbooks.

Rebecca Aniol, Ph.D., is a pastor’s wife and mother of four, whom she homeschools. She earned her doctorate in Educational Ministries from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She writes and speaks on education, discipleship, and the Christian imagination and leads expository women’s Bible studies in her local church.