Preoccupied with Promise

Reclaim the Contagious Joy You Were Meant to Experience Now


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If our minds have the ability to be engrossed with problems, they also have the capacity to be preoccupied with promise! Courtney J. Strong examines Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well in John 4. She unravels the truth many hearts have been longing to hear yet often overlook. God’s Word is full of promises for a woman to fully embrace and let saturate her thoughts. Strong writes like a friend reminding readers that freedom from worry and fear comes from reclaiming the joy God brings. Just like the woman at the well, we all need to accept the living water offered and let it invade every facet of life.

Whether writing, speaking, or working as a licensed professional counselor, Courtney J. Strong seeks to listen to women’s stories and address life’s disappointments with concrete hope. Courtney is an active teacher for the women’s ministry of Houston’s First Baptist Church. She treasures date nights with her husband (and every normal day in between with him). As a mother to a little boy and little girl, her days are a welcomed collage of superheroes and tea parties.

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