Mere Eschatology

A Biblical Study of the Second Coming and the End of the Age

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Are you excited about the promise of Christ’s return? Do differing interpretations on the timeline sometimes leave you feeling confused instead of inspired? Mere Eschatology invites you to explore the second coming of Jesus—a promise that resonates across denominations, beliefs, and theological nuances. This book takes a refreshing approach in a world where theological debates can sometimes overshadow our shared anticipation of Christ’s return. Rather than emphasizing our differences, it focuses on what unites us—the core truths we hold dear. Mere Eschatology offers readers a succinct overview of key aspects of the Second Coming. Gain a firm understanding of the essential New Testament teachings on this pivotal subject.

Robert E. Picirilli Ph.D., is an author, retired college professor, and a historian for the Free Will Baptist denomination. He spent his career teaching and in academic administration at Welch College. He has authored or co-authored numerous books including Grace, Faith, Free Will; Discipleship; Teacher, Leader, Shepherd; and How We Get Our English Bible. He served as the general editor and frequent author for the Randall House New Testament Commentary series. Dr. Picirilli lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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