Make Up Your Mind (Bundle)


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This bundle contains both the Make Up Your Mind book as well as the companion study guide booklet.


Every day we fight battle after battle in our mind―many times unaware of the real fight at hand and wind up defeated, as if we cannot win the battle of our own mind. It’s our own mind, but we can struggle to make it up. Negative mindsets limit our existence by keeping us bound in habits and attitudes unless we know how to break free of them.

Our mindsets matter. Sadly, when people operate their lives caving to unhealthy mindsets, they live defeated lives lacking joy and peace stemming from negative thought patterns.

In Make Up Your Mind, the reader will learn about the root behind common mental battles, focus in on ten key negative mindsets and learn how to overcome them using Scripture and real-life solutions as we adopt the mind of Christ. Each chapter includes a devotional application section and a “Counselor’s Corner” section featuring licensed counselor Michelle Nietert.

In this 12-week small group guide, a companion to the award-winning book, Make Up Your Mind, Denise Pass guides you through a weekly 5-day study, examining how negative mindsets operate in Scripture and how you can be set free from them. Leaders can use the provided guides and links to videos for small groups. In her Counselor’s Corner, Michelle Nietert, LPC-S, guides you through weekly Scripture meditations, helping shape your mindset to move toward the lasting calm you crave. Questions are included to be used personally, with a friend, or in a small group.

Designed for use as a companion and small group discussion guide for Make Up Your Mind: Unlock Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life.

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