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Are you seeking clarity in your vision for family ministry? Imagine bringing together fifteen ministry experts who have accumulated a wealth of experience and wisdom on that very topic. This book is the message from those experts revealing a clearer vision for the future of any ministry. Each chapter addresses a distinct area of church ministry, reveals current unhealthy norms, offers new norms, and most importantly provides ways to measure each area. It is vital to the future of your ministry to recalibrate to a healthy norm. Recalibrate will help ministry leaders reach that goal.

Fifteen ministry experts have come together to provide a resource that offers practical ways to measure and adjust every aspect of ministry. Topics covered include: a discipleship culture, staff and volunteer dynamics, meaningful conversations, prodigals, cultural challenges, and many more. With a depth of ministry experience, the contributors offer guidance in children’s ministry, staffing, youth ministry, churched kids with unchurched parents, marriage ministry, and the art of family conversations, along with several other categories. All the royalties from the sale of this work go to support D6 International.

Connecting Church and Home
Tim Kimmel gives a comprehensive strategy to churches for family ministry as well as a plan for parents seeking to pass their faith to the next generation. He shares valuable tools for the church to use to build a strong family ministry. Kimmel shares what a grace-based family ministry looks like in a local church. He also teaches parents how to translate every part of ministry they are exposed to at church into spiritual training at home.