Kids’ Cards

Ages 2-5



Kids’ Cards provide preschoolers with their own full-color visual from each lesson. These cards are an extension of the lesson as a reminder to the child and a springboard for discussion about the lesson with others. They are printed on durable cardstock, perforated for easy separation, and designed as a postcard to offer as a mailing option. A set of Kids’ Cards should be purchased for each child in the classroom. Kids’ Cards provide parents with another tool to review the lesson with their child. It is also a good way for teachers to communicate with children who were absent to let them know what was taught that week. Space is provided for teachers to add a note before mailing.

  • Vivid images that correlate with teaching pictures used in the classroom
  • Designed as a postcard to offer a mailing option
  • Durable cardstock allows versatility and longer use
  • Promotes discussion and application of lessons from class
  • Provides parents with a tool to review the lesson with their child

NOTE: Kids’ Cards are used as part of both Square 1 and Round 2.

Shipping Schedule

Spring Quarter: January 10th – April 9th

Summer Quarter: April 10th – July 9th

Fall Quarter: July 10th – October 9th

Winter Quarter: October 10th – January 9th