Husband of One Wife

An Exegesis


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Husband of One Wife: An Exegesis provides an in-depth examination of a key biblical qualification for pastor—marital status—and discusses contrasting views and interpretations of various qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, with particular attention to how divorce impacts one’s ability to serve in the role of minister. The book has multiple authors and addresses the questions:
– Is the Divorced Minister Permanently Disqualified From Pastoral Ministry?
– Must the Local Church Pastor Be Married?
– Is “Husband of One Wife” More Important Than the Other Pastoral Qualifications or Do They Possess Equal Weight?
– Is Polygamy Part of the Equation?
– Can A Divorced Pastor Lead in Ministry Again?

Chris Shirley, Ph.D., is on faculty at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Jeff Manning, D.Min., is an adjunct professor at Welch College and pastor at Unity Church in Greenville, North Carolina.

Mike Trimble, M.Div., is the pastor of Kirby Church in Michigan.

Jeff Blair, D.Min., is the pastor of Locust Grove Free Will Baptist Church in Oklahoma.

Danny Baer, Ph.D., has ministered in Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Doug Carey, is the pastor of Crossroads Free Will Baptist Church in Jenks, Oklahoma.