How to Find the Right Pastor

A Handbook for Pastoral and Staff Search Committees



A ministry leader and a Christian attorney combine their skills to help your search committee find just the right pastor for your church. This book covers five phases of the search process: 1) Prepare for Your Search, 2) Build the Profile, 3) Finding and Narrowing to Your Top 3 to 5 Candidates, 4) First Interviews With Top 3 to 5 Candidates, and finally 5) Top Candidate Visit and the Vote. You will discover and identify the issues most likely to cause tension later. Explore key categories of review like the biblical criteria expected, education expectations, geographical predispositions, work and ministry experience, spouse expectations, kid-related issues, involvement within the church leadership, social organizations, political involvement, and so much more.

Readers will receive answers to their questions quickly in the concise yet informative chapters while finding the table of contents to work more like an index in order to offer easily available help.

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A well-sought-after speaker and author, David C. Gibbs III, J.D. manages the Gibbs Law Firm and serves as president and general counsel of the National Center for Life and Liberty.

Ron Hunter Jr., Ph.D. serves as executive director and CEO of Randall House & D6 Family Ministry. Ron is a former pastor and a current adjunct professor as well as a published author and co-host of the D6 Podcast.