Five Reasons For Spiritual Apathy In Teens

What Parents Can Do To Help

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When teens are struggling, disconnected, and apathetic, they need parental engagement more than ever. It is not the time to passively accept the behavior as “normal” and ignore the situation.

Parents must express unconditional love and give genuine attention to their teens cultivating faith and character for a lifetime. It’s about pressing in to the heart of your teen, and pushing past the emotional struggle that often occurs in this phase of growing up.

Rob & Amy Rienow were married in 1994 and have been blessed with seven children. They believe their most important ministry is loving and leading their children to love and follow Jesus. Through Visionary Family Ministries ( they offer Bible-driven resources for families along with marriage and parenting conferences for churches around the world. They also co-authored Visionary Marriage, encouraging couples to pursue a Kingdom purpose for their marriage and family.