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First Steps Nursery Program

Infant/Toddler (0-24 Months)


First Steps Nursery Program

The First Steps Nursery Program is an all-inclusive guide for maintaining a teaching nursery ministry and providing tools for parents to use in the home. First Steps provides an introduction of basic biblical principles and concepts to help introduce a biblical worldview and establish a solid foundation for spiritual development and growth. Highlights include curriculum for teaching babies as soon as they are able to sit up, and an emphasis on prayer and Scripture encouragement for the parents and teachers of infants. The program materials provide helps for setting up a nursery, selecting equipment, recruiting and training staff, teaching toddlers, encouraging parents, and so much more. This program is intended to be purchased once a year and will provide classroom visuals, lesson plans, and teaching aids. The First Steps Nursery Program also utilizes the quarterly product, Cuddle Cards.

Additional or replacement components for First Steps Nursery Program are available by calling 800-877-7030 or emailing

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