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First Aid Series Bundle

The First Aid Kit Every Church Needs

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First Aid Series Bundle

Dr. Moody, author of First Aid for Emotional Hurts, is following up his successful book to pastors and laypeople seeking to reach out to help people with a series of booklets addressing specific issues people face. The booklets contain a biblical model for recovery and give appropriate resources for problems requiring professional help. The author also provides contact information for many sources providing help. Dr. Moody speaks with a qualified voice to the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs in various situations faced in today’s society.

This bundle includes:

  • Veterans (NEW!)
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Finding Help
  • Grief
  • Helping Children with Emotional Problems
  • Helping Children with Learning Problems
  • Sexual Issues
  • First Aid For Your Health: 10 Therapeutic Life Changes

Edward E. Moody is a pastor, professor, and parent. He is the author of Surviving Culture, First Aid for Emotional Hurts, Ministering in a Changing Sexual Landscape, and the First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts booklet series. For more information visit the author at