First Aid: Helping Children with Learning Problems

First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts Booklet Series



Dr. Moody, author of First Aid for Emotional Hurts, is following up his successful book to pastors and laypeople seeking to reach out to help people with a series of First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts booklets addressing specific issues people face.

Readers will find words of comfort and hope through Scripture, examples from the Bible of those dealing with difficulties, and practical advice on surviving the difficult situation they are facing. The author shares details of emotional and physical symptoms relating to the subject as well as ways to overcome those difficulties. A list of resources is given to encourage further help where needed. The size and price of the product make it a perfect outreach tool that will not overwhelm those who are hurting.

Edward E. Moody is a pastor, professor, and parent. He is the author of Surviving Culture, First Aid for Emotional Hurts, Ministering in a Changing Sexual Landscape, and the First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts booklet series. For more information visit the author at