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At some point it becomes painfully real for believers that the Christian life feels like a constant fight for right. Truthfully the battle begins when an individual makes a commitment to Christ. Jon D. Forrest invites readers to examine people in Scripture who set the example for fighting the good fight. He offers perspective and guidance on how to fight for right because we never fight alone. Both young people and adults will relate to Jon’s writing style and message. This study will help readers successfully navigate some of life’s most difficult battles. The ultimate goal is fighting to closer conform to the image of a holy God who fought and won the war for us.

This six-week small group study analyzes five stories of Bible characters who chose to fight when faced with significant moments to stand up for faith. The sixth week of the study turns the tables and evaluates the story of a Bible character that did not fight. Biblical characters examined in the study include: Jonathan’s armor bearer, Mary of Bethany, David’s mighty men, Gideon, David the shepherd, and David the king. Readers will be challenged with thought-provoking questions each day leading to significant personal evaluation. Forrest also provides solid counsel and encouragement on ways to be successful in the battle. The author wants readers to face the challenges life brings with faith, strength, and courage given to each believer through Christ.

Jon D. Forrest has been working with students at Bethel Free Will Baptist Church in Ashland City, Tennessee for about 25 years. He is the author of Help! My Games Stink. He spent six years earning his four year degree from Welch College, proving he should have “applied himself” like his parents instructed him. His passions include collecting Nerf guns (he estimates well over 400 guns in his collection) and lobbying for Chick-fil-A to get Honey Roasted BBQ Sauce out of the little pillow packs and into the larger foil covered plastic containers where it belongs. Because he is crazy about students, he loves encouraging fellow youth workers, which he will do until he dies probably at the tender age of 107 at his expansive estate. His wife Carrie and daughter Ellie lovingly put up with him.

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