Family Ministry in the Midst of a Cataclysmic Cultural Shift in Sexuality

by Dr. Steve Vandegriff

D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 1)





Abstract: It appears that one does not have to look very far, when it comes to issues that families are facing, especially when those issues go completely contrary to the faith that we desire to instill in our families. There are an ample number of issues that our current culture is pressing forward, with both enthusiasm and public support, that will have impact on what we do with family ministry and how we do family ministry. While there could be some debate as to what those issues are, this article will take a glance at one of the most prominent issues, the homosexual question among biblical passages, and extrapolate pragmatic suggestions. This writer will avoid any proof texting and strive to let the Scriptures speak for itself, and where the Scriptures are silent, will offer macro level insights that should be considered when it comes to family ministry.

Dr. Steve Vandegriff is the Professor of Christian Leadership and Church Ministries at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.