Family Ministry and Theology: A Theological Reflection on Three Church of England Congregations

by Dr. Gareth Crispin

Southwestern D6 Family Ministry Journal (Volume 5)





Abstract: Although theology does not automatically lead to practice it does provide a foundation for practice, with certain types of theology providing fertile ground for particular types of practice. Classically Reformed doctrines of the Trinity, Spirit, Church, and Scripture, along with commensurate understandings of leadership and views of youth and children provide theological foundations that may cohere with the development of family ministry in practice. In considering their church’s theology, readers may be able to discern reasons why implementing family ministry is more or less difficult in their context and explore possible ways in which to develop family ministry in their setting.

Gareth Crispin, Ph.D., is a lecturer in practical theology at Cliff College, United Kingdom and co-director of the college’s research center for the study of mission and ministry to youth, children and families (YCF).