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Explorer’s Guide (5-Pack)

Grades 4-5


Explorer's Guide (5-Pack)

Explorers Guide 5-Pack – bundle pack of five Explorers Guides devotional study guides for students in grades four and five.

Explorer’s Guide is the devotional study guide for students in grades four and five. It is a tool designed to help the student establish the habit of spending daily time with God in His Word. This magazine features 13 weeks of daily Bible studies, which help reinforce the themes of the lessons they learn each Sunday. It also includes puzzles, age-appropriate jokes, and short stories and articles to help them grow as Christ followers.

NOTE: The Explorers Guide 5 Pack is non-returnable.

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Shipping Schedule

Spring Quarter: January 10th – April 9th

Summer Quarter: April 10th – July 9th

Fall Quarter: July 10th – October 9th

Winter Quarter: October 10th – January 9th