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Doctrinas Bautistas Libres

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Doctrinas Bautistas Libres

This is the Spanish translation of Free Will Baptist Doctrines. It was translated by Steve Lytle with editorial assistance from Lázaro Riesgo. This book is helpful for readers to become established in the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. Topics discussed include the doctrines of Free Will Baptists relating to Scriptures, God, Christ, salvation, the doctrine of Last Things, and the Free Will Baptist Church covenant.

O’Donnell’s writing style allows ministry leaders as well as lay leaders to understand the fundamental concepts taught in this book. It is a great resource for a pastor’s library, for church leadership to study, as well as those seeking to understand doctrines of the faith.

Dr. J.D. O’Donnell has served as a pastor for over 30 years. His education includes graduation from Bob Jones University, B.A., and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, B. Div. and D.T. His professional experiences include: President of Bethel Bible Institute, Paintsville, KY (1978-82); President of Hillsdale College, Moore, OK (1965-71); Professor at Welch College, Nashville, TN (1961-65); and Principal, Chandler Mountain High School, Steel, AL (1949-50). Dr. O’Donnell has authored a number of books including Handbook for Deacons, The Preacher and His Preaching, and A Survey of Church History.