Disciplemaking With Guys

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Do you see the potential in the young men around you? Are you passionate about disciplemaking? Do you have a sincere desire to invest in the next generation of men, but find yourself seeking practical guidance and strategies to do so effectively? Then Disciplemaking With Guys, the brand-new book from D6 Family Ministry, is essential reading for you! Disciplemaking With Guys encapsulates Denton’s profound love for discipleship and his sincere burden for the next generation of men. Within its pages, you’ll discover a treasure trove of research-backed strategies and practical insights to effectively disciple guys of all ages. What sets Disciplemaking With Guys apart is its holistic approach to discipleship. Denton doesn’t just offer theoretical concepts; instead, he equips you with a solid understanding of how to disciple guys based on their unique developmental stages, scriptural examples, and his own practical experience in the field.

Dr. Jonathan Denton has been serving in student ministry for over 20 years and is an associate professor of Christian Studies/Student Ministry at CSU.
He is the author of Ancient Text, Modern World: Building a God-Centered Worldview in a Me-Centered World. He desires to train up the next generation of student ministry leaders who will be disciple-makers and leaders of healthy ministries that see students and their families brought into a relationship with God, built up in their faith, and sent out to make Him known. Denton was able to see this as a reality by serving over ten years in a South Mississippi church before his current position at CSU. He is married to Amanda, and they have two children, Josiah and Baxter.