Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Perspectives on Costly Leadership



The popularity of Bonhoeffer has increased in the last decade. This book explores the qualities and characteristics of Bonhoeffer that has made him popular among today’s evangelical Christians while also focusing on why the life, work, and action of Bonhoeffer should matter today. The importance of leadership legacy will be discussed along with connecting to Bonhoeffer as an example of a believer in Jesus who persisted in his convictions in the midst of significant opposition.

Includes work by multiple distinguished professors at Dallas Baptist University: Jay Harley, Michael Whiting, Mike Williams, Jordan Davis, Jack Goodyear, David Cook, Mark Bloom, Dale Meinecke, Brent Thomason, Mark Cook, and Mary Nelson.

The general editor and author of record is JAY HARLEY, ED.D., who serves as vice president for student affairs at Dallas Baptist University where he leads the student life and spiritual life components of the DBU experience. He designed and taught the international study program at DBU on the life, theology, and ministry of German pastor and theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He is a contributing author to the book, Luther on Leadership.