Cuddle Time Bible Storybook

Ages 2-5




Cuddle Time Bible Storybook is a durable, full-color storybook packed with Bible stories that are interactive, age-appropriate, and beautifully illustrated. Each book has two stories based on the preschool Heartprints for the block. A Heartprint is a biblical concept or truth that when taught and repeated will imprint Christ on the heart of a child for life. Cuddle Time Bible Storybook is the perfect book for cuddling up on the couch and watching your kids see the Bible come alive as you share together.

  • The perfect bedtime storybook to mold young hearts
  • Introduces young children to Christ while their hearts are most impressionable
  • Illustrated by an award-winning artist
  • Fun and exciting ways to introduce the Bible to your children
  • Equipped with tips for parents to help the Bible come alive
  • Loaded with bright colors, child-friendly art and simple fonts

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