Church + Home

The Proven Formula for Building Lifelong Faith



Author: Mark Holmen

The Faith at Home movement is changing church in North America and across the world. As more and more leaders realize that lasting, lifelong faith is rarely taught in Sunday school but is rather “caught” from parents, they are shifting their focus and resources to equip families for spiritual formation. Church + Home is the essential blueprint for church leaders who want to make the change count eternally.

Pastors, children’s and youth ministers, and lay leaders will learn how to reestablish the home as faith’s primary incubator, to build bridges between church and home, and to envision and implement family ministry in their church, no matter its size. Most of all, they will find practical tools for weaving family ministry into the DNA of their church community. This revised and updated title from a primary leader in the Faith at Home movement includes everything a church needs to put faith back where it belongs—at home.