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Care for Caregivers


Care for Caregivers

This book:
• Gives practical ways to recognize and cope with different stages of illness
• Provides helpful information about medical terms, procedures, and treatments
• Offers suggestions on how to remain emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy
• Helps family and friends understand what caregivers experience and suggests ways to help them

This book reminds caregivers that no matter how dark the way may seem, God is still there. No matter how dim the future may look, He is there. He is there no matter how emotionally wounded one might feel. He gives hope. He offers help. God cares for caregivers.

Dr. Roy Harris is an established writer holding multiple college degrees yet pens the words in this book with compassion that only one who has experienced the difficult days of a caregiver can do. Roy was the primary caregiver for his terminally ill wife Diana who eventually died after a three-year battle with breast cancer. Roy is an internationally known speaker, featured at retreats, caregiver seminars, grief conferences, leadership training and church growth workshops.