Battling the Black Dog

Raw Confessions of Depression in Ministry



When leadership responsibilities are linked to warfare with the world, the flesh, and the devil, you have the formula for all kinds of stress disease and depression.

This book shares the personal experience of the author as he survived two bouts with depression and so much more. Physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual symptoms of depression are addressed as well as common causes of depression. The author spends a good amount of time dealing with nine spiritual disciplines that become a significant part of reaching a cure for depression and hindering repeat bouts in the future. He speaks with the voice of experience and a strong desire to help those in ministry find a way to overcome the profound impact of depression on the individual, the family, and the ministry.

Randy Sawyer has served in ministry for over 30 years in numerous capacities including pastor, conference speaker, and college professor. He is a graduate of Welch College, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary with an M.Div., and Reformed Theological Seminary with a D. Min. He has conducted over 400 revivals and evangelism conferences.