Back From Captivity

Rebuilding Your Identity in Christ



Jennifer Johnson has worked with many young people who feel they have destroyed any hope of a relationship with their heavenly Father. Out of that work she has composed a study that assists the prodigal in a walk back to that relationship and in how to maintain that relationship for a lifetime. This study acknowledges the struggles that led to the separation, brings awareness to the constant battle to maintain the relationship, and discloses what the future brings to those who strive to follow Christ. This resource is ideal for someone desiring to walk with a prodigal spiritually and practically once the prodigal is home again.

Jennifer Johnson is the wife of a pastor currently serving in Oklahoma. She serves as a mentor and teacher to teens and college students through various ministries in the local church. She also serves as a speaker at retreats and conferences for teens and college students. Jennifer is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University.

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