Arminian Baptists

A Biographical History of Free Will Baptists

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This work tells the story of Arminian Baptists through the biographies of key historical figures, starting with the English General Baptists of the 17th century and continuing into the General Baptist and Free Will Baptist movements of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

A biographical perspective not limited to Free Will Baptist History. A significant contribution to the Baptist movement’s historical understanding. An informative work by multiple authors.

Chapter 1 – Thomas Helwys (c. 1575–1616)
Chapter 2 – Thomas Lambe (c. 1600–c. 1663)
Chapter 3 – Henry Denne (1606–1660)
Chapter 4 – Henry Adis (fl. 1641– c. 1667)
Chapter 5 – Thomas Grantham (1633–1692)
Chapter 6 – Thomas Monck (fl. 1644–1685)
Chapter 7 – Paul Palmer (c. 1680–c. 1742)
Chapter 8 – Joseph Parker (c. 1710–c. 1791)
Chapter 9 – Benjamin Randall (1749–1808)
Chapter 10 – Robert Heaton (1765–1843)
Chapter 11 – David Marks (1805–1845)
Chapter 12 – Elias Hutchins (1801–1859)
Chapter 13 – John Jay Butler (1814–1891)
Chapter 14 – Rufus King Hearn (1819–1894)
Chapter 15 – Angus McAllister Stewart (1853–1913)
Chapter 16 – E. L. St. Claire (1866–1916)
Chapter 17 – Elizabeth (Lizzie) McAdams (1884–1964)
Chapter 18 – John L. Welch (1889–1983)
Chapter 19 – E. E. Morris (1897–1987)
Chapter 20 – Thomas H. Willey (1898–1968) & Mabel B. Willey (1905–1998)
Chapter 21 – Laura Belle Barnard (1907 –1992)
Chapter 22 – L. C. Johnson (1914–2002)
Chapter 23 – Billy Melvin (1929–2018)
Chapter 24 – J. D. O’Donnell (1929–2014)
Chapter 25 – Dale Burden (1934–2021)
Chapter 26 – F. Leroy Forlines (1926–2020)
Chapter 27 – Thomas Luther Marberry (1949–2021)
Chapter 28 – Robert Eugene Picirilli (1932–)

David Lytle is a history and Bible teacher at Woodcrest Christian High School in Riverside, California. He holds a B.A. from Welch College and an M.A. in history from Middle Tennessee State. He has spent most of his career overseas (Indonesia and Peru) and has published articles on 17th-century General Baptists in Baptist History and Heritage.

Charles Cook teaches English at Avery Trace Middle School in Cookeville, Tennessee and serves as an adjunct professor in the Bible and Theology department of Randall University. He holds an M.T.S. from Duke University and a B.S. in English Literature/Secondary Ed. from Welch College. For nine years, Charles served as a local church pastor, and before that he helped supervise the Christian Guidance department of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Contributing authors: Gary F. Barefoot, Scott Bryant, Charles D. Cook, Danny Dwyer, Timothy Eaton, Paul V. Harrison, Kevin L. Hester, Brett A. Hudson, Phillip T. Morgan, David Lytle, Steve and Judy Lytle, Jesse F. Owens, Robert E. Picirilli, J. Matthew Pinson, Deborah St. Lawrence, Eric K. Thomsen, Robert Lee Vaughn, W. Jackson Watts.